What Are The Defects Of Automobile Press Parts

The auto stamping industry is getting more and more attention because the industry is continuously developing. In order to ensure that all aspects of auto stamping meet the standards, it needs to be inspected.  The corresponding inspection method is basically the same as that of other products. Among many inspection items, the inspection of defects and hardness needs to be emphasized.
There are many forms of defects in stamping parts, including craters, pockmarks, scratches, cracks, wrinkles, deformation, holes and so on. Relevant parts inspection instructions shall be used as controls during inspection.  Secondly, special inspection tools must be used skillfully.  There are also samples.
As the main material of Automobile Press Parts is die steel, the hardness value of the sample can be determined by testing the difference between its initial speed and the speed after rebound.  Moreover, due to the different thickness of the surface layer of stamping parts, the obtained results are necessarily different.
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Process Classification Of Automobile Press Parts

As a Welding Parts Suppliers with many years of production experience, nbstarlite today gives a brief introduction to the production process of automobile press parts: stamping parts can be divided into blanking and forming according to the process.  Blanking is to blank the required blank from the steel plate according to the shape and development size of the part. This process mainly needs to control the smooth fracture surface and small burrs.  The smooth finish of convex and concave line cutting is one of the reasons that affect the smooth finish of the fracture surface of stamping parts. Excessive or too small die clearance will produce burrs. Therefore, designers should determine reasonable clearance according to product characteristics and plate thickness when making stamping dies. In addition, positioning must be accurate when assembling.

Stamping includes bending, stretching, etc. In this process, attention should be paid to cracking and breaking of stamping parts.  The bending and cracking of stamping parts may be related to the hardness of the plates used and the radius of the round corners of the dies. If the design allows, the plates with low hardness can be selected or the radius of the round corners of the forming dies of stamping parts can be increased, and the grain direction of the plates should be paid attention to so as to achieve good results.

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Nbstarlite Welding Parts Suppliers Advantage Introduction

Common Automobile Press Parts include: instrument panel body frame, battery bracket, front module, control box, seat support frame, placenta, fender, chassis cover plate, noise partition plate, rear door frame, etc.  The panel of automobile stamping parts is mostly made of engineering plastic abs or abs/pc.

Generally, door trim, instrument panel, bumper and fender are basically made of pp, while engine hood is made of PP plus lead. pc/abs is generally purchased from material manufacturers.  Plastic parts are light in weight, various in color, attractive in appearance, good in weight reduction effect, and capable of reducing the weight of the vehicle body itself.  Can be recycled and recycled for many times.

In automobile recycling, metal products and the like are mostly not of recycling value because they are too old and rusty.  However, plastic products can be melted again and recycled, and basically can be processed again after melting without any harm. Therefore, automobile stamping parts are more and more popular with big people.

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China’s Welding Parts Suppliers To Raise Awareness

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people are spending more and more on automobiles, and the market for Automobile Press Parts is becoming larger and larger.  In recent years, automobile stamping parts manufacturing plants are also developing rapidly.
There are many kinds of automobile stamping parts. Nowadays, there are more and more automobile brands and more types of automobiles.  Cars can be divided into passenger cars and commercial vehicles, of which passenger cars refer to vehicles with fewer than nine seats (including driver’s seat) and whose main purpose is to carry passengers.  Specifically, passenger cars are divided into basic passenger cars, i.e. sedans, MPV models, SUV models and other models such as pickup trucks.
Auto stamping parts is a global industry. It is inevitable for China’s Welding Parts Suppliers to improve their awareness of the pace of international development. Some enterprises that have just tasted the fruits of international procurement have sent quite positive signals.  In the future, auto parts companies need to further improve their core competitiveness.

Welding Parts Suppliers To Solve The Welding Problem Of Products

  1. Stomata.  When welding equipment is used in all-position welding, air holes are common problems in the welding process of Automobile Press Parts.  There are many reasons for this problem, such as welding material itself, improper operation, environmental reasons, etc.
    Solution: During welding, gas protection should be strengthened. The welding temperature should not be too high. Gas should be filled in strict accordance with the proportion and relevant requirements to maintain the filling purity.  At the same time, Welding Parts Suppliersshould pay attention to the environment around the welding site.  If the wind speed on the construction site exceeds 8 meters per second, the protective shed shall be applied, and the ambient humidity shall not be too high.
    2. Incomplete fusion.  In welding, the position of vertical welding usually results in incomplete fusion.  The cause of this problem may be the incorrect shape of the welding path, deviation from the weld seam in the welding process, or the unreasonable width of the welding torch.
    Solution: During the welding process, grinding and leveling shall be carried out as much as possible.  Before welding, carefully observe whether the width of welding wire is correct.  If there is a deviation between the welding pool and the welding center, it should be adjusted in time.

What Are The Common Metal Stamping Parts

What are the common Metal Stamping Parts

  1. Automobile parts: mainly include automobile structural parts, automobile functional parts, automobile bed parts, automobile relays, etc.
  2. Electronic parts: mainly include connecting devices, connectors, brush pieces, electrical terminals, elastic parts, etc.
  3. Household appliance parts: mainly include all electrical parts, such as color tube electron gun parts, small household appliance parts, various structural parts and functional parts, etc.
  4. IC integrated circuit lead frame: mainly including discrete device lead frame and integrated circuit lead frame etc.
  5. Motor iron core: mainly includes single-phase series excitation motor iron core, single-phase household motor iron core, single-phase shaded pole motor iron core, permanent magnet DC motor iron core, industrial motor iron core, plastic sealed stator iron core, etc.
  6. Electric iron core: mainly includes E-shaped transformer iron core, EI-shaped transformer iron core, I-shaped transformer iron core and other transformer iron chips.
  7. Heat exchanger fins: mainly include industrial heat exchanger fins, domestic heat exchanger fins, automobile heat exchanger fins, etc.
  8. Other parts: mainly include instrument parts, IT parts, acoustic and camera parts, modern office parts, Bakelite Parts, etc.

Attention To Operation Of Metal Stamping Parts

  1. Semi-automatic and manual punching machines for Bakelite Partsmust be equipped with two-hand brake switches. It is strictly prohibited to pedal or start the punching with one hand.
    2. Turn off the sound insulation box after high-speed punching and adjusting the machine, and after normal punching (except for product 8065 while checking and packaging).
    3. During continuous punching, employees are not allowed to take products by hand within 1M of the punching machine.
    4. Technicians can only debug by one person, not by two, when they go to the mold and adjust the machine.  5. Technicians can adjust the machine to feed materials only outside the machine, with a distance of not less than 1M.
    6. Make sure to lock the screws when setting up the mold. Stop the machine for 4 hours to check whether the screws are loose.
    7. When the mold has problems in the production process and does not need to be unloaded and repaired directly on the machine tool, the mold repair can only be implemented by turning off the power supply of the injection molding machine and hanging a maintenance sign on the power supply box.
    8. All tools shall be returned to the tool box after use, and shall not be placed on the machine platform, so as to prevent the tools from slipping and hurting people.
    9. When the machine is not in production, cut off the power supply in time.
    10. For short workpieces, special tools shall be used instead of directly feeding or taking pieces by hand.  11. Producers should stand properly, keep their hands and heads at a certain distance from the punching machine, and pay attention to the action of the punching machine at all times. It is forbidden to chat with others.
    12. During production, operators and mold repairers are forbidden to put their hands into the mold for operation.
    13. When installing suction fan, operators are strictly prohibited to extend their hands to the motor to clean the waste.  14. Slippers are strictly forbidden to wear at work to avoid workshop moulds, iron blocks, etc. hitting the feet.  Monitor, fitter and model repairer must wear labor protection shoes at work.
    15. Male operators are forbidden to have long hair, while female operators should have their long hair coiled up to avoid long hair getting involved in flywheel.
    16. White oil, alcohol, cleaning agents and other oils should pay attention to fire prevention.
    17. Gloves should be worn when packing materials, wastes and moulds to avoid scratching hands.
    18. Oil must be cleaned up in time to avoid falling.
    19. It is forbidden to wear gloves when drilling and milling machines;  Wear a mask and eye shield when using the grinder to protect yourself.  20. Pay attention to pulling the mould to prevent it from falling to the ground (the flat car must be put to the lowest position to pull the mould).
    21. It is strictly prohibited for non-electrical personnel to receive electricity and repair machines.
    22. It is strictly prohibited to aim the air gun at people, which may hurt eyes.
    23. Operators need to wear earplugs.
    24. Turn off the power supply first and then find the technician on duty to deal with it in time when the machine is found abnormal. Do not handle it without authorization.
    25. When the new employee goes to work on the first day, the team leader must explain the safety operation rules to him and learn the safety operation rules once a day in the first week.
    26. When adjusting the machine, be sure to adjust the machine to single operation. It is strictly prohibited to play the interlocking discharge belt.
    27. No inflammable or explosive articles can be stored under the switch.
    28. Operators are strictly prohibited from chasing and beating in the workshop to avoid wrestling, knocking over products or hurting themselves.
    29. Carry out equipment inspection according to the inspection contents on the equipment check card, paying special attention to whether the guiding and braking devices of the punching machine are operating normally, and the Dan Chong and continuous punching functions are distinct.
    30. When installing the die on the small punch press (10T), first loosen the locking device of the guide rail, install the upper and lower dies, and then adjust the guide rail travel until it meets the requirements and locks the locking device tightly. In addition, when the upper die is loaded on the high punch press, it must hit the Dan Chong travel. After the upper die is locked, the lower die is locked after the oil pressure is locked, and it shall be checked again before production.  ·
    31. Special tools (pliers, hooks) must be used when discharging or manually delivering and taking blank materials individually. It is strictly prohibited to deliver and take blank materials with bare hands.  Single switch should hurt hands and double switches should be used.  The machine cannot leak oil, or it will fall off.  Do not expose the power supply, it is dangerous.
    32. Wear gloves when stamping Metal Stamping Parts, concentrate, otherwise hurt your hand.
    33. In the work, first check whether there is any abnormal operation of the equipment, such as single, even blunt is not clear, the operation is ineffective or electrical equipment failure, to immediately stop in time to find technicians on duty.
    34. Pedal switches are strictly prohibited for punching machines. All the original equipment on the machine are removed.
    35. When cleaning and inspecting equipment, the power must be cut off before operation.
    36. Cut off the power supply, clean and scrub the worktable, remove the mold and maintain it in storage, and check the lubricating system oil at certain times every week.

The Quality Of Nbstarlite Plastic Injection Parts Is Guaranteed

Every article we use has its own advantages and characteristics, of course stamping parts processing is no exception, Stamping Parts processing also has its own characteristics, will let us have the need to use it, then let’s understand the characteristics of stamping parts processing:

  1. The rigidity of parts produced by stamping parts is relatively good. When we produce parts, we all use high-quality steel to produce them. The thickness of steel varies. Punches of corresponding tonnage are used for stamping through the required pressure. Compared with other production processes, the rigidity of parts produced in this way is much stronger. In addition, the internal structure of parts is continuously improved during the whole stamping part processing process, thus greatly improving the overall strength.
  2. The products processed by stamping parts are relatively convenient to install. During production, we will press according to the drawings provided by you. There will be no surplus parts. It is a major advantage of pressing to produce whatever parts are needed. Therefore, it is very convenient for us to install later.

Of course, there are still many characteristics of stamping parts processing, and we will gradually answer for you in the future development. We hope that through our introduction, if you are interested in this knowledge, you may as well pay attention to us. nbstarlite produces various Plastic Injection Parts for you, and the quality and quality of the products are also guaranteed. If you are interested in this aspect, please leave us a message at once.

Nbstarlite Is A Professional Supplier Of Welding Parts

According to the source of Automobile Press Parts, they can be divided into three categories: OEM sub-factory parts and self-made parts.

(1) Original parts: refer to the equipment parts matched with the vehicle manufacturer, such as pure brand parts refer to the parts that pass the strict quality inspection of the vehicle manufacturer.  Their performance and quality can fully meet the requirements of vehicles.

(2) Auxiliary parts: refers to the spare parts produced by professional spare parts manufacturers that meet the technical specifications of the manufacturer, although they are not installed on the new car together with the vehicle manufacturer, but are produced according to the manufacturer’s standards.

(3) Self-made parts: refers to the spare parts that are produced by the spare parts manufacturer according to the understanding of the auto spare parts standard. The appearance and use effect are similar to those of qualified spare parts, but their technical indexes are guaranteed by the spare parts manufacturer. Whether the parts are qualified or not is irrelevant to the vehicle manufacturer.

Whether the self-made parts are qualified depends mainly on the production technology level and quality assurance measures of the spare parts manufacturers.

The auto stamping parts sold on the market, no matter whether they are auxiliary factories or self-made parts, should pass the quality inspection to meet the requirements of national standards.  If you have the demand for the above products, nbstarlite is an expert in this field. As a professional Welding Parts Suppliers, we have accumulated many years of experience in the market. I believe we won’t make you regret it.